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TaiRox's SOX Backup Integrity Testing Service
Receive an email notification every morning that your Sage 300 data has been copied to a secure facility, where it has been restored and checked for Accpac integrity.
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Integrity Testing Service
The SOX Backup Difference
• A total backup copy of your Sage 300 data is transferred off-site. You are not relying on error-prone incremental schemes.
• Your data is actually restored. You are not left hoping that an off-site copy will be useable if you need it.
• Your data is checked for integrity. Detecting data integrity issues early avoids expensive data repairs.
• A trained Accpac consultant monitors your service and checks the health of your data.
How Much Does The Integrity Testing Service Cost?
Monthly changes are based on total daily data upload: $299 for the first 500Mb and $100 for each additional 500Mb afterwards. Data uploaded is reduced and compressed: 500Mb of data uploaded represents a Sage 300 database of approximately 10Gb. The testing service is governed by a service level agreement which is available for review at tairox.com, Services.
The service is provided under the terms of a Service Level Agreement.
Please review the Application Form with your Sage authorized reseller or certified consultant.