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Fast Database Management
Available for $1,195 + $300 per year, Fast Database Management includes 3 programs that manage Sage 300 databases using TaiRox Fast libraries – 2 of the programs are designed to run as scheduled tasks. PDF BrochureVideo
•  Fast: TaiRox database operations are 4-16 times faster than standard operations.
"By the way, her large company that used to take over an hour to dump and up to 3 hours
to load → took 16 minutes yesterday!" Connie Hope, Stonefield Systems Group.
*New* Data Integrity error messages are improved to display more table names.
*New* Fast DBTools will now copy non-Sage 300 database changes to the Windows clipboard after displaying its warning.
*New* Fast Database Copy provides a new network copying ability that is especially useful during upgrades.
*New* Fast Database Management has all the archiving and remote copying abilities of the SOX Backup Enterprise product.
Fast DB Tools - See User Guide
Manage Sage 300 databases from an interactive console. Perform fast dump, load and copy operations. Use unique tools not otherwise available. Watch: https://vimeo.com/605847698
sneak-preview-dbtools-tng-x.png sneak-preview-dbtools-tng-x.png
Fast Database Management - See User Guide
Schedule the management of Sage 300 databases in a single network or across remote locations. Watch: https://vimeo.com/887723593
•  Maintain 1-99 archives in one or more locations, managed automatically.
•  Copy databases between offices reliably, even with poor-quality connections.
•  Test the integrity of copied databases using Fast technology as each task is performed.
•  Get emailed logs documenting all steps taken in a schedule task.
fast-database-management.png fast-database-management.png
Fast Database Copy - See User Guide
Fast Database Copy is a new program that simplifies a common testing operation, namely to copy production databases for testing inside the same network. Watch: https://vimeo.com/889594895
•  Complete: Audit stamps are preserved.
•  Safe: A Require Exclusive Access option protects database consistency.
fast-database-copy.png fast-database-copy.png
Platform Requirements
• Sage 300 2012 to 2024: A single executable program works with these platforms.
• .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher is required.
• Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) - 14.0.23026 or higher is required.
•  Detailed Platform Requirements