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TaiRox CRM
Available for $1,795 + $360 per year, TaiRox CRM provides customer relationship & collections management features integrated into the Sage 300 desktop and stored in a Sage 300 company database. Send statements, letters, and invoices to multiple contacts per customer, and store all emails! See PDF Handout or Compare TaiRox CRM and Sage CRM.
*NEW* Implementation Guide: A step-by-step method of approaching CRM implementation. Download Implementation Guide.
*NEW* CRM Object Model Published: View AOM.
"The TaiRox team continues to knock it out of the park by developing great new products that enhance the performance and functionality of Sage 300. Our customers who have TaiRox products installed love them!" Kelly Hummel, Net@Work.
"Finally! A CRM solution for Sage 300 without technical integration issues ... and with all the basic CRM needs covered." Nancy Lavery, Robert Lavery & Associates.
crm-desktop-and-charts.png crm-desktop-and-charts.png
General Features
•  Track opportunities and create dozens of Excel charts to assess future sales and past performance.
•  Track prospect companies and promote to Sage 300 A/R customers when sales close.
•  Track contacts and link to their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media pages.
•  Track communications with contacts. Group contacts. Send bulk email to MailChimp and Swiftpage.
•  Attach network documents, internet documents and URLs to any entity. Launch with one click.
•  See every change to every entity. Know who has made each change, and when.
•  A key design goal: The information you want to see is one click away.
•  Deleted entities can be recovered from a recycle bin.
•  See lightning-fast customer aging on-screen, with both customer and document views.
•  Create collection, support and other cases and manage by revisit date, priority and severity.
•  View cases and opportunities on a date-centric dashboard, by day, week or month.
•  Attach notes to cases, companies, contacts and opportunities.
•  Send statements, letters, and invoices to multiple contacts per customer, and store all emails.
•  Recreate and send invoices (etc.) to multiple contacts, keeping a perfect email record.
Summary of Sage 300 Related Features
•  Data is field-level compatible so prospects are promoted to customers without truncation.
•  Display the sales pipeline in functional currency using Sage 300 exchange rates.
•  Display charts in fiscal periods or fiscal quarters as well as by week or month.
•  Salespeople belong to multiple Sage 300 customer territories.
•  Quotes and orders created with Sage 300 Order Entry can be linked to an opportunity.
•  Launch the order entry window directly from CRM to create a new quote or order.
•  Customer aging performs the same calculations as Sage 300 Accounts Receivable.
•  Optional Fields extend functionality like any other Sage 300 module.
•  DBDump and DBLoad all data just like any other Sage 300 SDK module.
•  There is no complicated licensing scheme. Sage 300 LanPaks are all that's needed.
•  Keys and mouse-clicks behave as any Sage 300 user would expect.
crm-modernization.png crm-modernization.png
More About Modernization
•  Fast! Sage 300 supports a single database engine, SQL Server and CRM takes full advantage. Sorting and searching is done using SQL queries.
•  Sage 300 uses optional fields as a customization mechanism. We've gone a step further by adding searching and sorting support. See the optional fields in our gird without requiring additional pop-ups forms.
•  Today's salespeople don't use Rolodex cards. They look up information maintained by a contact on the contact's social media site. CRM stores any number of social media links per contact.
•  Disk space is cheap and databases are fast. CRM tracks every change to every field for every major entity. There is no question about who changed what, and when.
Platform Requirements
•  Sage 300 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020: A single executable program, installed using Setup2014-2020.msi, works with these platforms.