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Download Rates
Available for $595 + $120 per year, Download Rates provides a practical way to download currency exchange rates from internet services and store these rates in related Sage 300 databases. The downloaded interbank rates can be adjusted by a specified percentage so as to more accurately represent rates likely to be used in a transaction. The program is designed to run as an unattended Windows Scheduled Task, as well as from a user interface. A mapping table will translate from ISO to Sage 300 Currency Codes. Download Rates provides a practical way to support Sage 300 "spreads".

Important Notice: Bank of Canada is changing their RSS feed URL and reducing the number of Bank of Canada supported currencies. See Release Notes (Build 2017-04-21) for more details.

Supported services: Yahoo, US Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada, Reserve Bank of Australia and currencylayer. Users of currencylayer must subscribe to their service. Google is not providing a free service as of July 2015.

Important Notes: Rate providers qualify their offerings by indicating that the rates are provided for analytical purposes only. TaiRox does not gaurantee the accuracy of rates provided or that any supported provider will continue to offer their service.
download-rates.png download-rates.png
Features and Benefits
• Updates multiple exchange rates for multiple days in multiple companies in a single operation.
• Uses Sage 300 Rate Types so that multiple rates for the same two currencies can be maintained.
• Will convert from ISO Currency Codes used by Providers into "non-standard" Sage 300 Currency Codes.
• Provider rates can be adjusted by a percentage to more accurately reflect a rate actually used in transactions.
• Creates a basic Windows Scheduled Task and will launch the Task Scheduler.
• One-time entry of a Sage 300 "spread" makes this warning function more practical.
• This product uses Sage 300 business objects to insure proper multi-user operation.
Platform Requirements
• Sage ERP Accpac version 5.6 or 6.0 or Sage 300 2012, 2014, 2016 or 2017
• A single executable program works with all platforms
• Supported services: Yahoo, US Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada, Reserve Bank of Australia and currencylayer