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Enterprise Features - Back To Productivity Tools
Available for $2,495 + $625 per year, Productivity Tools Enterprise manages large and multi-company charts of account, user permissions, application security, and complex price lists. All Productivity Tools features for all modules are included in the Enterprise edition. PDF BrochureVideo
*New* Support is added for Sage 300 2023.2 and 2023.3.
*New* Look Up G/L Account finds the needle in the haystack.
*New* Support is added for Sage 300 2023.
Look Up G/L Account - See User Guide
  •   Quickly find the account you are looking for amongst thousands of accounts.
  •   Simultaneously searches codes and descriptions of structures, segments, and accounts.
  •   Supports all applications and multi-company searches by using the Windows clipboard.
  •   Watch: https://vimeo.com/789777545
look-up-gl-account.png look-up-gl-account.png
Copy G/L Accounts - See User Guide
  •   Manage multi-company Sage 300 general ledgers.
  •   Copy any number of account ranges from a template company to target companies.
  •   For each account range, specify any number of segment filtering rules.
  •   For each account range, specify any number of segment substitution rules.
  •   For all account ranges, specify any number of excluded account ranges.
  •   Watch: https://vimeo.com/707083999
copy-gl-diagram.png copy-gl-diagram.png
copy-gl-rules.png copy-gl-rules.png
User Management - See User Guide
  •   Copy permissions and setup from one user to another.
  •   Watch: https://vimeo.com/805656328
user-management-2023.png user-management-2023.png
Application Security - See User Guide
  •   See the security permissions required to run a program on the desktop.
  •   Watch: https://vimeo.com/801057796
application-security.png application-security.png
Remove Items from Price Lists - See User Guide
  •   Quickly remove multiple items from multiple price lists in a single operation.
  •   Supports item, price list and currency filtering.
  •   Supports customer filtering for contract pricing.
  •   Watch: https://vimeo.com/844642223
remove-items-from-price-lists.png remove-items-from-price-lists.png
Create Price List - See User Guide
  •   Create a price list spreadsheet for a single customer.
  •   Incorporates all pricing factors, including contract pricing.
  •   The prices in the spreadsheet will match order entry default pricing.
  •   Watch: https://vimeo.com/800959649
create-price-list.png create-price-list.png
Platform Requirements
• Sage 300 2012 to 2017: A single executable program works with these platforms.
• Sage 300 2018 to 2024: A single executable program works with these platforms.
•  Detailed Platform Requirements