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Sage 300 Customization
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Who Does the Work?
 •  TaiRox does not farm out development work. We do Sage 300 custom work using high-end talent that has over 125 years of Sage 300 development experience, most of it inside Accpac / Computer Associates / Sage.
 •  Our programmers know how businesses use Sage 300 as well as how the underlying Sage 300 business objects work at a detailed technical level.
SDK-Compliant Custom Programs - We Don't Start at Square One
 •  TaiRox has created a Sage 300 SDK-Compliant framework, Extended Processing, with a 2-letter prefix XO. The Extended Processing custom programs appear in the standard Sage 300 Desktop menus.
 •  Custom programs are plugged into this framework, with spots for data activation, error reporting, permissions, logging and the launching of Sage 300 components.
 •  If new tables are required, the entries comply with SDK standards so that they will activate, dump and load using Sage 300's standard utilities, DBDump and DBLoad.
What Do We Mean by High Professional Standards?
 •  We ask for client's databases before starting. We restore that data into a development environment set up to closely match the relevant portions of a client's installation.
 •  Programs recover from errors properly, often the largest portion of the work in a multi-user environment. The programs log changes to data, when these are potentially large.
 •  We always include documentation, even if it is only a few screen-shots and sentences. The documentation can be displayed from a help menu. The program is delivered with a proper Windows install script.
 •  A master copy of the source code is kept in a central repository accessible to all TaiRox programmers.
 •  The delivered product is built in a formal build environment and will be tested on multiple Sage 300 versions.
What Does TaiRox Avoid?
 •  We do not write VBA macros. VBA macros are useful for tiny customizations that don't do much. When learned from a recording, they will have poor error-recovery and logging mechanisms. Learned macros may not scale well when database tables grow in size.
 •  We do not replace Sage 300 UI controls with modified versions. Modified controls break when product updates (PUs) or upgrades are installed. They cannot be tested in multiple Sage 300 environments.
Larger Projects
 •  It is frequently the case that custom work requirements for larger projects are not completely spelled out, especially how to recover from errors.
 •  Often large projects involve integration with external systems. Two-way integrations are more expensive than one-way integrations. Automated integrations usually start as manual integrations until all of the operational wrinkles are ironed out. To function properly, automated integrations require some way to notify people when there are errors or incomplete processes.
 •  We may ask to be paid for a few days to analyze and clarify important details before we start coding. Proper analysis of accurate information avoids expensive rework.
Contact TaiRox About Sage 300 Customization
 •  Email sales@tairox.com with a brief overview of the intended functionality. "Use cases" (these inputs produce these outputs) are particularly helpful.
 •  TaiRox does many small customizations with a budget below $5,000 every year and a few larger projects with budgets in the $50,000 to $100,000 range.
 •  Download this page as a PDF File.