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TaiRox Product Overview
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TPAC 2018 Preconference Training
TaiRox is paying TPAC 2018 preconference training attendees. The payments will be in addition to any promotional price offered to clients through TaiRox partners.
These terms and conditions apply:
•  Attendees must register before midnight, January 31, 2018. Register with Nancy now.
• Attendees must be present for substantially all of the TaiRox training.
• Cash payments will be made at the end of the training session.
• Attendees must be present in person to receive a cash payment.
• A commission will be paid directly to the attendee on the first qualifying sale.
• Commission payments will be by check to a mailing address provided by attendee.
• The first qualified sale must be made before April 15, 2018.
• The qualified sale must be made by a qualified Sage 300 authorized reseller.
• The qualified reseller must be directly associated with an attendee.
• The qualified reseller must subscribe to TaiRox Dealer Tools.
• Cash payments will be limited to one attendee per qualified reseller per subscribed location.
• Where cash payments are limited, the first registered attendee will receive payment.