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RotoID: XQ0350
Protocol: Superview

Compositions: 0

Keys: 0

Fields: 6

Field  Index  Type  Title  Attributes  Presentation

PROCESSCMD  Integer  Cmd  E A  List: 7 entries
0=Not Set
1=Update Overdue Invoices
2=Get Session Handle
3=Free Session Handle
4=Generate Sales Activity Data
5=Create Overdue Payment Reminders
6=Create Payment Due Alerts
SESHNDL  Long  Session Handle  E A   
DATEFROM  Date  From Date  E A   
DATETO  Date  To Date  E A   
USERFROM  String*8  From User  E A  Mask: %-8N
USERTO  String*8  To User  E A  Mask: %-8N

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