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Attributes indicate the current status of various characteristics of a field. Bit numbers 0 to 15 are assigned specific meaning by the view API. Bit numbers 16 to 31 are reserved for view implementers to assign their own meaning.

The state of a static attribute does not change for the duration of the view handle instance being open. The state of a dynamic attribute can change at any time.

The mask equals 1 shifted left by the bit number.

Attribute  Kind  Bit  Mask  Meaning When Set 

Calculated  Static  0x010  Value is calculated non-interactively. 
Changed  Dynamic  0x001  Value been changed since the last operation that retrieved or initialized the view's current record. 
Check-editability  Static  0x100  Editable attribute can change dynamically. 
Editable  Static/Dynamic  0x004  Value can be changed. This is a static attribute by default, and dynamic if the Check-editability is on. 
Enabled  Dynamic  0x002  Field can be meaningfully used. In it absence most field operations are not permitted, and return an error. 
Key  Dynamic  0x008  This field is a segment of the current key. 
Presentation  Static  0x040  Presentation information can change dynamically. 
Required  Dynamic  0x080  Value must be changed interactively before the record can be inserted. 
Type  Static  0x020  Type information can change dynamically. 


Table Flags

Flag  Meaning When Set 

Audit-stamp  ??? 
Record-structure  ??? 

Key Flags

Flag  Meaning When Set 

Duplicates  ??? 
Modifiable  ??? 

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