User Management for Sage 300
June 2022: SOX User Management: Copy or remove user permissions and setup across multiple companies. Produce a Permission Report, a Desktop Customizations Report (New) and 7 Security Reports. Watch: SOX User Management.
Manage Users
Permissions and setup can be copied or removed in many different ways so that the Sage 300 desktop experience is the same for users across multiple companies. Operations include:
 •  Copy user A's setup to user B for selected companies.
 •  Copy user A's setup from company X to selected companies.
 •  Copy all users' setup from company X to company Y.
 •  Remove user A's setup from selected companies.
Copy User to Companies
New Desktop Customizations Report
Desktop Customizations Report
Permissions Report
Permissions Report
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  The current version of SOX User Management works with Sage 300 versions 2012 to 2022.
  Contact your Sage 300 reseller or email info@tairox.com.
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