Enterprise G/L for Sage 300
May 2022: Productivity Tools Enterprise manages the segment filtering and substitution rules needed to support a multi-company general ledger. Based on these rules, you can add new accounts to dozens of target companies in a single step. Watch: Copy G/L Accounts.
G/L Diagram
Set Up Rules for Each Target Company
 •  Specify the account ranges for the target company.
 •  For each account range, specify segment filtering rules.
 •  For each account range, specify segment substitution rules.
 •  For all account ranges, specify excluded account ranges.
  Productivity Tools Enterprise includes all Productivity Tools features, all modules and a one-year subscription to Copy Company, frequently used when setting up a new target company's structures and segments.
Get Productivity Tools Enterprise Now!
  The current version of Productivity Tools works with Sage 300 versions 2012 to 2022. Enterprise features require a new license.
  Contact your Sage 300 reseller or email info@tairox.com.
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