Collections Options for Sage 300
April 2022: Sending Overdue Payment Reminders, the core of a collections process, now includes an account summary option. Watch: TaiRox Collections Overview.
Payment Overdue
Overdue Payment Reminders
 •  The NEW account summary option shows a complete set of relevant documents in the overdue payment reminder emails: invoices, prepayments, payments, credit notes and debit notes. In essence this is a "statement of the moment".
 •  Overdue payment reminders are the core of a collection process that includes Payment Due Alerts, Promised Payments and Disputed Invoices.
 •  See our Handout or Web Page for all the Collections details.
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You can get the latest TaiRox Collections features without upgrading Sage 300. The current version of TaiRox Collections works with Sage 300 versions 2014 to 2022!
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