A New Sage 300 Aged Trial Balance
February 2022: TaiRox Collections adds filtering options for the aged-trial-balance screen. Download Our PDF Handout to review all collections features and access all video links.
An Aged Trial Balance Integrated with Collections
Customer Again
Why Use The Collections Customer Aging Screen?
 •  Use the new filtering options, including filtering by optional fields, to quickly see customer buckets. You don't have to wait for a lengthy report generation process.
 •  Collections integration: see customers flagged that have: unapplied cash $, disputed invoices ?, promised payments + and collections cases !.
 •  Conveniently drill-down to A/R Customer or TaiRox Collections details.
Get TaiRox Collections Now!
You can get the latest TaiRox Collections features without upgrading Sage 300. The current version of Collections works with Sage 300 versions 2014 to 2022!
Contact your Sage 300 reseller or email info@tairox.com.
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