Fast DBTools Speeds Up Sage 300
October 2021: Fast DBTools now has a reindexing feature that can dramatically improve Sage 300 performance for medium and large databases. Our Reindexing Sage 300 Tables memo is written for a less technical audience.
The Fast DBTools Console
Fast DBTools launches programs, from an interactive console, that are faster and safer than the standard utilities, as well as unique, time-saving tools not otherwise available.
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Fast DBTools
Do It Faster
 •  DBLoad 3-4 times faster than with the standard utility.
 •  DBDump dozens of databases in one multi-threaded step.
 •  Copy databases from one SQL instance to another.
 •  Reindex large tables without locking out users.
Do It Safer
 •  DBDump with exclusive access to a database.
 •  Record the collation sequence with a DBDump dataset.
 •  Be warned if there are non-Sage 300 table changes.
Perform Unique Operations
 •  DBDump files in either a REC or CSV format.
 •  Deactivate modules, clearing all the relevant tables.
 •  Display REC files without loading them into a database.
Get Fast DBTools Now!
You can get the latest Fast DBTools features without upgrading Sage 300. The current version of Fast DBTools works with Sage 300 versions 2012 to 2022!
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