New Sage 300 Productivity Tools
September 2021: TaiRox Productivity Tools adds hundreds of features to Sage 300, with new features added every quarter. Download Our PDF Handout to review all features and access all video links.
TaiRox Tools
New: Extended OE Credit/Debit Note Entry
How easy is it to create an O/E credit note from an O/E Invoice, when there are dozens of details on the invoice? Click the History button, select an O/E Invoice, select the line items for the note and click the Load button. Extended CR DR Note Entry
New: Extended Inventory Items
Extended Inventory Items, when used to update an item description, will now prompt you to also update 3 I/C tables, P/O Vendor Contact Costs and 3 AutoSimply tables. extended-items-copy-descriptions.png
New: Extended Order Entry
Extended Order Entry shows you the customer optional fields you want to see when entering an order - with zero clicks, no scrolling and no annoying windows popping up and down. Extended Order Entry
Did You Know?
You do not have to upgrade Sage 300 in order to get the latest TaiRox features ... current TaiRox programs work with Sage 300 versions 2012 to 2022!
Watch TaiRox Overview Videos:
  2:02 Introduction to TaiRox
  6:58 TaiRox CRM & Collections
  4:43 SOX Check Approval
  7:14 TaiRox Productivity Tools Overview
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