New Sage 300 Productivity Tools
April 2021: When entering orders in Sage 300, how many clicks does it take to see what's special about a customer? Ideally, the answer is zero clicks and nothing to type.
Productivity Tools - Extended Order Entry
Extended Order Entry shows you the customer optional fields you want to see when entering an order - with zero clicks and no windows popping up and down. Check out the picture. Extended Order Entry
New Productivity Tools Features
If you haven't updated Productivity Tools lately, take a look at these new features:
 •  Extended Order Entry & Extended Shipment Entry - force a purchase order to be entered for orders or shipments, either for all customers or for selected customers based on an optional field. Display selected customer optional fields.
 •  Extended Order Entry & Extended PO Entry - use the Line Finder to find the right line when your order or PO has dozens or hundreds of lines.
Download Our PDF Handout to see all the features.
Productivity Tools Web Screen News
Our third release of Productivity Tools web screens includes the first SmartFinder for the Sage 300 Order Entry page. Check out this video to see internet-style searching for a customer. Productivity Tools Video
TaiRox Tools
Did you know? You do not have to upgrade Sage 300 in order to get the latest TaiRox features: current TaiRox programs work with Sage 300 versions 2012 to 2021!
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