TaiRox CRM and Collections
November 2020: TaiRox CRM and Collections is a light-weight customer relationship module built right into the Sage 300 desktop. And more: it comes with a complete set of collections features. Audit Report Sample
Collections Phone Calls: Our October 2020 release now supports collection chasing by phone as well as email.
 • Assigned phone call tasks appear on users' dashboards.
 • Tasks have due dates and revisit dates.
 • Tasks provide invoice details and customer drill-down.
Sage 300 2021 is now supported, as well as previous releases back to 2014.
Setting Up Collections
Manage Prospects & Opportunities:
 •  Display the sales pipeline in source or functional currency.
 • Display charts in fiscal periods as well as weeks or months.
 • Display charts using Sage 300 currency rates.
 • See our managing prospects & opportunities video.
TaiRox CRM and Collections, Learn More:
Watch: 12:10 TaiRox CRM and Collections Overview Video
Read: The Complete PDF handout
Pricing Details: CRM and Collections Web Page
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