TaiRox CRM & Collections Update
September 2020: Since our March newletter, we've added the 3 most requested features to collections: consolidated reminders, tracked invoices and HTML suppport. Resend Invoices
Both TaiRox Collections and TaiRox CRM & Collections products now include these new features.
Consolidated Reminders - Customers receive a single email for all overdue invoices ... with a minimum number of days between email communications.
 • The email body includes a formatted table. See Picture.
 • All original invoices are attached as PDF files.
Tracked Invoices - Now you can attach notes and documents to any invoice, even if it is not overdue or in dispute. All notes and documents are shown wherever the invoice is shown.
HTML Support - Did you click on the picture? Add your logo and links to collection email addresses and phone numbers.
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