New TaiRox Productivity Tools
June 2020: Productivity Tools is TaiRox's best selling product because it includes dozens of programs that save time by performing many operations in one step. Productivity Tools
Did you know? We add programs and features to Productivity Tools almost every month and ... you do not have to upgrade Sage 300 in order to get the latest Productivity Tools ... just uninstall the old and install the new!
See it all: Our PDF Handout has feature summaries and links to user guides and short videos. The latest additions:
 •  Update Orders has 13 different ways to update hundreds of orders in a single operation. One of the ways lets you substitute one item for another. NEW: Now you can import a list of item substitutions. See the user guide.
 •  Kit Component Usage Inquiry is a new program just like the Sage 300 BOM Component Usage Inquiry, for Kits instead of BOMS. See the user guide.
TaiRox Tools
Productivity Tools Videos
Read more about Productivity Tools or watch our short videos:
12:00 Extended Order Entry
  3:21 Extended G/L Accounts
  4:01 Update Orders
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